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Sunday January 15, 2017 McMinnville Southern Standard

Dynamic Dentistry Keeps on Smiling 

It was nearly five years ago when Dynamic Dentistry first opened its doors in McMinnville. The business has a unique niche. Patients can arrive in the morning and leave that afternoon with a new smile thanks to custom-made 
dentures. Having an on-site lab and a same-day turn- around time is extremely rare. Combined with great prices, it’s the reason people come from across the state to get their dentures at Dynamic Dentistry. “We have patients who travel from two or three hours away,” said Dr. Julie Dugan, who is the new full- time dentist. “Just this Thursday there was a man who came here from Chattanooga to get his dentures. One of the reasons we’re popular is our fees are the most economical in the state. We check around to make sure we offer the best prices anywhere.” In addition to being the full-time dentist, Dr. Dugan recently moved to McMinnville and she’s buying into the business as a partner. Dr. Dugan is a third-generation dentist who has 27 years of experience. She’s helped by lab technician Sandra McDougall who has 35 years of experience and works to make sure dentures are ready the same day. “We are getting ready for one of our busiest times of the year,” said Dr. Dugan. “When people get their tax refunds, they tend to put their money where their mouth is.” Dr. Dugan said anxiety and lack of available funds are the two main reasons people postpone dental work. She said relaxing patients is one of her underlying responsibilities. “One of the big things about going to the dentist is fear,” said Dr. Dugan. “I’ve probably had three people who have given me a big hug this week and said thank you.” Getting a complete set of dentures can be accomplished in one day. The process works as follows. Impressions of the patient’s mouth are taken in the morning and the process is fully explained. After the impressions are made, the patient can leave to purchase ice packs, get an anti-anxiety prescription filled, and buy nutritious drinks like Ensure because they aren’t going to be able to chew for a couple days. In the afternoon, the patient returns to have their teeth extracted and the dentures fitted. Dr. Dugan said Friday is a popular appointment day so patients can have the weekend to recover. “We do whatever we can to renew their smile and restore their function in chewing,” said Dr. Dugan. “It’s always amazing how a new smile is such a boost to self-esteem.” 

Dynamic Dentistry is located on the corner of S. Chancery Street and Liberty Lane. Business hours are Tuesday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The phone number is 474-1DAY, which is 474- 1329.

Sunday March 4, 2012 McMinnville Southern Standard.....

Dynamic Dentistry ready to make you smile

You can arrive in the morning with dental problems and leave with a bright smile that same afternoon at Dynamic Dentistry. The business opens Tuesday on the corner of S. Chancery Street and Liberty Lane.  Dr. John Amburgey has 30 years experience providing affordable dentures to his customers. He also does extractions and partials, but the same-day dentures made on site are his specialty. “It’s instant gratification,” said Dr. Amburgey. “We don’t have to send them off andwait for them to come back in two weeks. It’s all done right here and really it’s the most efficient way to do it.” Dr. Amburgey is thrilled to have the services of lab technician Jon Quinones, who began helping his father make dentures in a lab when he was 7. Jon has been working full-time in a dental lab since he turned 18.  “Everybody likes their dentures a little different,” said Jon. “By having me right here, it allows me to communicate  directly with the patient so I can get it just right. You have to wear it in your mouth so it should be comfortable. Smaller and thinner are the way to go so it doesn’t impede your speech and doesn’t make you feel like you have a mouth guard in your mouth.”

Dr. Amburgey says in recent years he has fit around 7,000 patients a year with dentures. At his former practice, located north of Gulf Shores near Mobile, Ala., he said he regularly saw patients from a 100-mile radius. “A lot of people don’t realize how many people wear dentures and what a difference it can make,” said Dr. Amburgey. “It changes people’s lives and it can give them much more confidence in public.  “I equate it to eyeglasses,” Dr. Amburgey continued. “It’s something you need and something you should be able to afford.”  Dr. Amburgey emphasizes his prices are reasonable so he can offer dental care to many people who otherwise couldn’t afford it.  He says dentures have been around since the days of George Washington and the process hasn’t changed much over the years although the material has.

Dynamic Dentistry is a nice addition to our business community and it’s also creating five new jobs in addition to Dr. Amburgey. 

Business hours are Tuesday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The phone number is 474-1DAY, which is 474-1329.

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